National Assisted Living Week

This Sunday kicked off National Assisted Living Week. National Assisted Living Week is sponsored and supported by the National Center for Assisted Living. This year's theme is "Capture the Moment". Our funeral home is dedicated to helping and supporting our local hospice and assisted living facilities. In the spirit of National Assisted Living Week: here are a few ways you can help seniors Capture The Moment.

Encourage friends and loved ones to take photos during every visit. These photos can be important bonding moments with loved ones you may not get to see as often as you'd like as well as great miniature time capsules of each special visit. These photographs can make great gifts as well for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

Take every opportunity to save or digitize any physical photographs. Keeping pictures safe and free from water damage or being misplaced is an important part of Capturing the Moment. Scrapbooks, photo albums, frames, shadow boxes and the like are excellent ways to keep old pictures safe and accessible. Take the time to also back up any photos to an online or computer storage device like a digital cloud or to an external hard drive for extra security when it comes to keeping your treasured pictures safe. Scanning and digitizing old photos is an easy process: many stores and office centers offer a kiosk or station that will let you scan pictures to be digitized.

Every year, our funeral home donates time, energy and more to show the immense respect and care we have for our hospice care providers and those that are dedicated to keeping our loved ones safe and cared for during their golden years.