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BATON ROUGE, LA   United States

he was getting old and slow and his hair was falling fast as he thought about his friends and stories of the past. of a war that he had fought and the deeds that he had done. in his exploits with his buddies they were heros everyone. and though sometimes in his tales he made them a joke, we all listened intently because we knew whereof he spoke. but we will hear his tales no longer for uncle earnest has passed away and the world is a lot poorer because a sailor died today. he will be mourned by many family and friends but he lived an extraordinary and quiet life.he fought a war, married his sweetheart, raised a family, worked at the plant quietly going his own way and the world wont note his passing but a sailor died today.
the passing of a brave sailor goes unnoticed and unsung but he is the brave fellow who in times of war and strife goes off to serve his country and offers up his life. it is so easy to forget them for it was long ago when the Earnies of our country went to battle but we know who won the freedom that our country so enjoys.
its just the common sailor and his ranks are growing thin but his presence should remind us that we may need his kind again. for when countries get in conflict it is then we find the soldiers part. it is to clean up the troubles that others often start.
if we cannot give him honor while he is here to hear the praise then at least lets give him homage at the ending of his days.
perhaps a simple notice in the paper that would say



note to the family.
we love all yall and are in mourning with yall. uncle earnest will always be my hero. at 18 I wrecked my car and he came to rescue me. I loved to hear him singing, and I always tried to follow his example as well as my dads. these were the great americans and Im not sure we have very many great ones left.
uncle earnest we love you.
gary and beetsie

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Kenneth W Crain

NICEVILLE, FL   United States

You will be sorely missed Uncle Ernest. Thank you for teaching me to bass fish at your camp on Lake Mary. I haven't forgotten what you and your family have always done for your family. We love and miss you. Tell Maw Oakley and Uncle June hello for me.

Kennawayne Crain and family.
Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Cathy Sue Herring Mangum

Darlington, SC

My dearest uncle, you will be missed especially your smile. You always seem to my mom's needs. She will be glad to see you. Give her a kiss from me. Welcome home. I love forever and a day. Cathy Sue
Tuesday, August 22, 2017